PowerOptions’ 20th anniversary — a celebration of sharing profits

It’s hard to believe but it’s been 20 years since PowerOptions launched its first-in-the-nation energy buying consortium for nonprofits. We’ve been able to grow our organization and the breadth of our offerings by leveraging the buying power of members from the suppliers of these products and services. When we do well, we put those funds back into new programs and services. Now we have a plan to give back more.

One area where we have done exceedingly well is our solar program. Never has the value of our buying power been more apparent. We’ve provided our members with solar opportunities at significant savings but also provided PowerOptions with funds to significantly grow the business. And now it’s time to give more back to our members to celebrate this great milestone of success.

Members have the opportunity to receive a $10,000 donation from PowerOptions to further your organization’s mission!

20 for 20
  • PowerOptions is also giving away 20 electric vehicle charging (EVC) stations to members, as a launch for our new EVC Program with ChargePoint. We will look at expected utilization of the EVC and existing utility infrastructure as part of the selection. The application will remain open until all 20 EVCs are placed. Apply here!