Advocacy & Education

PowerOptions® has taken a leadership role in identifying the problem and offering solutions to constrained natural gas capacity into New England, which has increased prices for both electricity and natural gas commodities. In addition, delivery charges now make up nearly two-thirds of the total bill for Massachusetts energy users, so PowerOptions takes an active role in containing these costs whenever possible. Whether in the legislature or industry hearings and meetings, PowerOptions is always at the table representing the interests of our 500 members. And the results pay off for all consumers.

In 2011 PowerOptions was part of a coalition that took on the utilities over the rate of return on transmission infrastructure investment. The coalition, which was led by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, argued that utilities’ return of 11.14% did not reflect the substantial drop in interest rates and other changes in financial markets. The complaint resulted in protracted litigation and a decision to ultimately reduce utilities’ returns to 9.7%. The measure is expected to save consumers about $145 million annually.