How We Do It

PowerOptions is the largest energy buying consortium in New England, with more than 400 members across Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, purchasing $200 million in energy through our programs each year. We are experts in leveraging the size of the consortium to negotiate extremely favorable contract terms and conditions. All of our programs derive from a robust competitive RFP process, and over our 20 years, every procurement has resulted in multiple bidders vying to serve the consortium.

Our members secure a guaranteed competitive price with PowerOptions energy supply programs, and more importantly benefit from the strongest contract in the market, with terms and conditions simply unattainable for organizations on their own—a price is only as good as the contract that supports it. Our contract guards against added costs, usage penalties and supplier non-performance. Plus members get a team of energy experts available to address any energy question. We keep them informed about changes in the market that may impact energy prices and advocate on their behalf on issues of cost and reliability. Join the more than 400 nonprofits and public entities already benefiting from PowerOptions.


poweroptions approach

Mission driven.

  • We save our members time and money on energy so they can direct more resources toward their own important missions.

Trusted advisor to our members.

  • Guidance throughout the contracting process.
  • Assist with any energy question or issue.
  • Provide ongoing market and industry information, in terms of what i t means for members.

Flexible energy programs that meet every organization’s needs.

  • Large or small, each member is priced on their own load profile.

Customer protections.

We give our members peace of mind.

poweroptions difference

Negotiated energy contracts focused on customer’s interests

  • Standard contracts are written by the supplier for the supplier

No penalties for changes in usage up or down

  • Allows you to implement efficiency or renewable projects
  • Open or close accounts
  • Other supply contracts penalized for usage change

Limitations on pass-through charges, protections from unexpected added costs

  • Many customers were recently hit with additional capacity charges—not PowerOptions

Guarantee of your contracted price, even if supplier goes bankrupt

  • Recent supplier in CT no longer allowed to do business

PowerOptions monitors suppliers’ prices to ensure they match the negotiated pricing methodology and market trends.


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