PO Advantage

Benefits of PowerOptions® Membership
  • A price that is always competitive.
  • Menu of flexible pricing options.
  • Rebate for reducing use.
  • Protection against added costs.
  • No penalties for changes in use, up or down.
  • Financial guarantee if supplier goes belly up.
  • Ongoing market intelligence and industry information.

Benefit Details
The benefits of being a PowerOptions® member go far beyond a competitive price and strong contract protections. As a member of PowerOptions, you have a team of experts in your corner keeping you abreast of changes in the energy market and advocating on your behalf for important issues of cost and reliability.

Suppliers chosen from a competitive RFP procurement process, budget certainty and predictability, buyer-oriented contract terms and conditions and ongoing monitoring and information are just some of the advantages of membership. Once enrolled in PowerOptions, we guide you through the pricing and contracting process, selecting options to meet your organization’s specific energy strategy.