A Powerful Advantage for Nonprofits and Public Entities
  • Protect yourself from rising electricity prices
  • Predict your energy costs and budget with certainty
  • Lower your electricity usage and earn a rebate

When you contract for electricity, you want a good price. You also want a reliable supplier and guidance you can trust. And in a volatile market like we have today, you want to protect that good price and supply.

With PowerOptions you get a proven competitive price and real world protections, to guard against added costs, usage penalties and supplier non-performance. Choose from a menu of pricing options that reflects your specific usage and supports your strategy.


Every PowerOptions energy supply program begins with a rigorous competitive solicitation. We distribute an RFP, meet with major suppliers in the region and leverage the buying power of our 500 members to negotiate best-in-market supply offerings. With more than $200 million in annual energy purchases, the consortium is very attractive. Suppliers aggressively pursue our business, which gives us an advantage.

Direct Energy will supply PowerOptions Electricity through June 2019. Constellation will supply PowerOptions Electricity beginning June 2019.

Pricing Terms

A menu of options to match your strategy:

  • Fixed, all-in. Set the price and ensure budget certainty and predictability, regardless of market volatility.
  • Capacity pass through. Pay a price based on your specific usage pattern, reflecting reductions or load management you are able to implement during the course of the year.
  • BlockBuy gives mid-size customers (who use 1,000 Mwh per year or more) access to load-following block pricing. Lock-in all or part of your load at different points in time, providing a hedge against future price changes.
  • PowerAdvantage allows larger customers, including aggregated smaller accounts, to purchase directly from the wholesale energy market.
  • ICAP Tag Reduction option provides multi-year, interval-metered customers on a fixed price with a credit or refund if they lower their peak ICAP Tag by 10% or 5% (depending on account kw level).
  • Each member’s price is specific to them, based on time, usage and location.
  • Lock in for any time periods of six months to longer, out to May 2019.
Contract Terms

PowerOptions’ contracts are the toughest in the market today, with strict terms and conditions that protect customers’ interests and provide safeguards against added costs.

There are no penalties for changes in use, up or down, allowing for the easy integration of energy efficiency measures or on-site generation. Important provisions on pass-through charges defend against unexpected increases. A unique guarantee from our suppliers’ parent company ensures that members receive the financial benefit of their contract, even under situations of supplier bankruptcy.

Real world protections that guard your budget and secure your energy supply. That’s what makes PowerOptions different—better.