Solar Programs

Savings and predictability with power from the Sun

Small Solar SystemsLarge-Scale Solar

PowerOptions offersprograms, including our Small Systems Solar and Large-Scale Solar programs, for members to benefit from solar energy. With PowerOptions Solar, there is always a perfect fit.

  • For projects of almost any size, starting at 25kw and larger
  • No up-front costs, no maintenance or operational responsibilities
  • Achieve savings and hedge against volatile electricity market
  • 20-year, guaranteed price

PowerOptions Solar offers innovative programs for nonprofit and public sector organizations. Benefit from a competitive procurement and pre-negotiated Power Purchase Agreement for both on-site and virtually net metered solar power. Solect Energy, Small Systems Solar developer, installs projects of 25kw – 300kw. SunPower, Large-Scale Solar developer, installs projects greater than 300kw.

Our unique arrangements set prices based on a pre-negotiated, competitively procured pricing structure which fully reflects the benefits of tax and state incentives as well as limits on the developer’s profit, ensuring a fair and competitive price for PowerOptions members.

The Power Purchase Agreement guarantees a price for 20 years, providing members with a secure price hedge and fuel diversification. There are no upfront costs, and no responsibility for maintenance and operation. PowerOptions’ solar partners manage everything—project design, financing and construction. Members simply pay for the power generated, usually at a cost below their current delivered price.

PowerOptions members benefit from:

  • Robust RFQ process.
  • On-site solar: rooftop, ground mount and parking canopy.
  • Virtual Net-Metered Credits: off-site, on third-party land.
  • Pre-negotiated Power Purchase Agreement.
  • No maintenance or operational responsibilities.
  • Solar partners manage all project design, financing and construction.
  • Guaranteed output.
  • Long-term energy price hedge and portfolio diversification.

More than 70 MW already under contract for PowerOptions members.

To Participate in the programs
PowerOptions Solar Programs are only available to PowerOptions members. If you’re not a member and would like information about the benefits of being a part of the consortium, click here.