PowerOptions is bringing energy savings to Rhode Island nonprofits

We focus on electricity prices so you can focus on your mission

Special offer for Rhode Island nonprofits and public entities – Budget Power

Budget Power will accurately forecast your electric costs, taking away the hassle and guess work.

PowerOptions is offering a FREE budget with no obligation.

  • Forecasts both supply and delivery charges
  • Includes demand charges and all fixed and variable charges from the utility
  • Calendar year or fiscal year, you pick the starting date for any 12 month period
  • Learn how your usage changes over the year with a month by month breakdown
  • Compare your usage and expense to last year
  • Understand your opportunities for energy reduction

Redeem Offer

PowerOptions is an energy aggregator that delivers cost savings and predictability to nonprofits and the public sector, with nearly 500 members across Massachusetts and Connecticut—and now Rhode Island.

A Trusted Resource

PowerOptions is a trusted advisor responsible for managing the complexities of electricity purchasing on behalf of our members. PowerOptions procures the most competitive electric supply contracts with the nation’s leading energy suppliers, bringing value and security to members since 1998. Our team includes experts on utilities, renewable energy, energy efficiency and competitive energy supply.

Why We’re Better

PowerOptions has the leverage to negotiate beneficial pricing, as well as contract terms and conditions simply not available anywhere else in the market today. An RFP procurement with responses from all of the area’s major energy suppliers ensures that our members are getting a competitive deal. And PowerOptions continues to provide personalized customer service, with experienced staff available to answer any question or assist with any issue.

What We Offer

  • Competitive prices
  • Protections against future increases
  • No surprises and no hidden agendas
  • Personalized customer service
  • Valuable insights
  • Market information
  • Customer advocacy
  • Peace of mind