PowerOptions New Solar-Plus-Storage Program

We are excited to announce our new Solar-Plus-Storage Program with SunPower, and look forward to presenting the details of this innovative offering at the upcoming solar breakfast meeting.

Opportunities to save with solar and reduce demand charges with combined storage

Wednesday, June 27th, from 9 – 10:30am at the Sheraton Framingham

The meeting will cover:

  • Competitive Solicitation: How and Why We Chose SunPower
  • Primer on SMART Incentives
  • Solar Program Overview
  • Storage Options
  • Next Steps to Get Started

Immediately after the meeting, there is an optional tour of a recent SunPower solar array at Bose, located near the Sheraton.

PowerOptions’ new solar program allows members to cut energy cost while meeting sustainability goals. There are no upfront costs, and no maintenance or operational responsibilities. Members purchase power from their solar array through a PowerOptions-negotiated PPA (power purchase agreement). The storage option allows members to better manage their demand charges, with the ability to store their solar power for use when the facility is not generating.

The state’s current SMART incentive regime declines over time—so earlier projects are eligible for more generous incentives. If you are considering a solar or solar-plus-storage project, you will not want to miss this meeting.

Click here to read the press release on PowerOptions innovative solar-plus-storage offering.