Utility Proposal for Solar Procurement Won’t Work

By Cynthia A. Arcate 20 February, 2014
Recently, the two largest utilities in Massachusetts – Northeast Utilities and National Grid – have become very vocal about the risk of increased costs for consumers from the well-established and successful solar program enacted by the Legislature and administered by the Patrick Administration. As a consequence of their newly found concern for the ratepayer, the utilities have proposed that the entire solar development regime in the state be replaced with a utility procurement long term contract model, eliminating financial incentives

Green Revolution Short-Circuited by 20th Century Delivery System

By Cynthia A. Arcate 17 March, 2012
It’s more than a bit ironic that, as a “green revolution” was being declared on Clean Energy Day at the State House Wednesday, NStar utility workers were scrambling to fix a major outage of the distribution system in Boston’s Back Bay. There is a growing disconnect between our focus in the state on green/clean energy and everything else we’re doing from a delivery system perspective – and that includes our public transportation system. We are rapidly facing a time when