Harmonizing the Commonwealth’s Approach to Solar

By Cynthia A. Arcate 7 July, 2014
PowerOptions urges the passage of House Bill 4185, An Act Relative to Net Metering and Solar Power, which will uncap solar net metering and create new opportunities for renewable energy and jobs in Massachusetts. This legislation, if passed, would provide benefits for consumers, the solar development community, the environment, and even utilities. This legislation replaces a bill proposed earlier in the year and supported by utilities to eliminate the net metering credit and solar renewable credits (SREC) regimes in the

Time to Reassess and Fine-tune, not Abandon, the Green Communities Act

By Cynthia A. Arcate 30 November, 2011
Much has been made on both sides of the green energy debate about Attorney General Martha Coakley’s testimony at a recent legislative hearing on the Green Communities Act. Her testimony was the most objective and comprehensive examination of the energy policies and activities in the state among all of the speakers of the day. She delivered a simple plea for introspection and assessment before the state claims resounding success and continuation. My take away, two words: “reassess” and “fine-tune.” Some