Gridlock on the Road to Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion in New England

By Sean Burke 9 September, 2015
Without a doubt, the immense complexity of the situation surrounding the construction of pipelines for incremental capacity in New England creates many uncertainties. Facing both legal and political challenges, pipeline projects face an uphill battle to come into operation. In order to alleviate reliability and price concerns, something must be done. The merits of an electric ratepayer subsidized pipeline are dubious in a legal sense. Yet the market has not been able to cultivate a solution as of yet. ISO-NE

Winter Reliability Program Working, But What About Next Year?

By Cynthia A. Arcate 21 January, 2014
As previously discussed in this column, the New England electricity system operator, ISO-NE, encountered difficulties last winter in meeting electricity demand when natural gas supplies, the primary fuel source of electricity generation in the region, were constrained during high heating demand. After many months of wrangling, a plan – the Winter Reliability Program – was approved by federal regulators to provide financial incentives to dual fuel and oil fired plants should the gas supply become constrained again. We all know