Clean Energy Resources Bill Not As Simple As It Appeared: Regional Issues Need to be Addressed

By Cynthia A. Arcate 8 August, 2014

PowerOptions® is the leading energy buying consortium in Massachusetts, setting the bar for other groups and suppliers. By consolidating the gas and electricity energy buying power of Massachusetts nonprofits, as well as state and municipal facilities, PowerOptions is one of the largest consortiums of its kind. PowerOptions brings budget certainty, cost savings, financial protection and advocacy for nonprofits in the often complex energy markets.

This bill was part of a much bigger and extremely complex “grand bargain” among the New England Governors to expand natural gas pipelines as well as build the transmission infrastructure to deliver large amounts of clean energy to the region and Massachusetts.  To implement this plan, including the Massachusetts “clean energy resources” bill, would require resolution of a myriad of extremely complex economic and legal issues, none of which appeared to be easily resolved any time soon.

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